Young Industrial Engineer Award

The purpose of the APMC 2022 Young Industrial Engineer Award (YIEA) is to recognize outstanding technical contributions from individual researchers and engineers at industry sources. Eligible papers can have several authors, but the first author must be younger than 40 years old. The work described must come from a corporate or otherwise private source, not a government or academic institution.

An eligible paper would fit the description below:

A paper from the RF / microwave / millimeter-wave / THz industry that describes innovation of a product or system that potentially has the highest impact on an RF / microwave / millimeter-wave / THz product and / or system which will significantly benefit the microwave community and society at large.

YIEA Requirements:

  1. All authors wishing to apply for the YIEA are required to follow the regular APMC 2022 paper submission process. Papers must be identified as YIEA submissions during the electronic submission process (deadline: Jul. 1st, 2022) by uploading a proof of the first author's age. Please remember you have to select the YIEA (check the box) when submitting your paper in the submission site to designate your paper for consideration in the YIEA.
  2. To be considered, the submission must describe work conducted at a corporate or private source, not a government or academic institution.
  3. YIEA submissions are reviewed by APMC 2022 reviewers in the same way as all other APMC 2022 paper submissions. Only those papers that (a) are self-identified as YIEA submissions by the first author, and (b) meet the YIEA criteria listed here are eligible to apply for the YIEA. Finalists will be selected and recommended by the APMC 2022 review groups from the eligible YIEA submissions.
  4. YIEA Finalists will receive email notifications at the end of October 2022.
  5. The YIEA finalists must present their papers at the assigned APMC 2022 session.
  6. Judging will be performed by the APMC 2022 Award Committee. The winners will be announced, and awards will be presented during APMC 2022.