Greetings from
the Steering Committee Chair


The spread of COVID-19 over the past few years shows no signs of ending. APMC, our annual international conference has also been greatly affected. At APMC2020 Hong Kong, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out just before the conference, and the conference had to be held virtually online. At APMC2021 Brisbane, the local organizing committee tried to find a way to hold the conference on-site, but was also forced to held completely online. In such a difficult situation, the local committees worked hard to find the best way forward, respectively. They fulfilled their important mission of holding the APMC somewhere in Asia-Pacific every year. APMC has been going on without a break since 1986. We would like to express our respect especially for the efforts of the two local committees.

Now, it is our turn this year. The situation about COVID-19 is getting worse, but there are many things that we have learned. Needless to say, we have to assess the future situation and make a decision according to that. But now, we are preparing a hybrid meeting available for both the on-site and remote participants.

Microwave engineers are constantly researching ways to provide the benefits of microwave technology to meet the needs of people around the world. The APMC we are aiming for is a gathering of like-minded engineers who share their ideas and thoughts, and gain motivation for friendly competition. While some of that can be done in online meetings, there are some areas where face-to-face discussions will be more effective.

Therefore, it is a very important "challenge" in this situation to try to make the meeting not only online but also on-site. For those who have participated in the APMC every year, as well as for those who will make a leap forward as a global microwave engineer, we would like to invite you to APMC 2022. I hope you will consider participating in our APMC.

Yokohama, the host city of APMC 2022, has a long history that has played an important role as a gateway to the world for modern Japan.

In Japan, the administrative base was moved to Tokyo in the 17th century, and the people enjoyed a stable Edo period for two hundred years. However, there was a time when the ordinary people who lived there were restricted from interacting with foreign countries and did not have a sense of internationalism. In the latter half of the 19th century, the need arose to break out of the situation that had kept the country closed and to get along well with foreigners. Yokohama was built for this purpose.

Although the reasons are different, the current situation where it is difficult to interact with people from overseas is similar to the situation when Yokohama was born.

All of us, the steering committee, will make every effort to carefully assess the situation, take necessary safety measures, and provide a venue for meaningful discussions for the development of microwave engineering. We hope you will consider joining us at APMC2022.

Yoshinori Kogami
Steering Committee Chair of APMC 2022