Student and Young Engineer
Design Competition

All eligible students are invited to consider taking part in the Student and Young Engineer Design Competitions (SDC). The competition encourages participants to present their work or solutions to the specified problem. There are three tracks as shown in the table below.

Active Track

Small signal, higher gain ~ High-gain driver amplifier design competition ~
Design and prototype a drive amplifier with highest gain!
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Passive Track

Key device for communication systems ~ Bandpass filter design competition ~
Create a printed circuit board (PCB) bandpass filter.
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WPT Track

WPT changes our lives ~ Video competition for WPT techniques ~
Create a video which explains your idea of WPT.
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Reviewers of WPT track competition (in Japanese) >>

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  • If you cannot access the Google Form, please fill in the word entry sheet below and email it to APMC 2022 SDC committee (
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Active Track

30 September 2022   Deadline for entry (11:59 PM HAST)
22 October 2022   Deadline for submission of check sheet for design review (11:59 PM HAST)
31 October 2022   Notification of acceptance
1 December 2022   Competition & Award Ceremony

Passive Track

15 October 2022   Deadline for entry (11:59 PM HAST)
1 December 2022   Competition & Award Ceremony

WPT Track

22 October 2022   Deadline for entry (11:59 PM HAST)  (Extended from 15 October 2022)
1 December 2022   Award Ceremony

  • The number of participants may be limited due to the total competition time constraints. If too many participants apply, first entry will be given priority.
  • Deadline is 11:59 PM , Hawaii - Aleutian Standard Time (HAST).

Prize Money

The top three in each track will be awarded prize money.
  First prize : 50,000 JPY
  Second prize : 20,000 JPY
  Third prize : 10,000 JPY
Award Policy (in Japanese) >>

  • The prize money is partially provided by an APMC 2022 sponsor, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

Request for Instrument and Measurement Cooperation

Request for Instrument and Measurement Cooperation (in Japanese) >>

Measurement and Instruments were supported by:
[Active Track] Keysight Technologies
[Passive Track] Anritsu corporation
                           Rohde & Schwarz Japan


  • All contestants for SDC need registration to APMC 2022 in addition to the entry to SDC.
  • Members and non-members of the IEICE can participate in the SDC. Enrolling in IEICE beforehand is highly encouraged. Anyone can join IEICE before APMC 2022.
  • Only full-time students may participate in active and passive tracks.
  • Only full-time students or young engineers (38 years or younger as of January 1st, 2022) may participate in WPT track.
  • WPT track accepts team participation, but active and passive tracks do not.
  • If you cannot participate onsite in active and passive tracks, you can send your work to SDC committee. Postal address will later be notified. SDC committee will evaluate your work on your behalf. SDC committee will discard your work, not returning to you.
  • You should carry out export control when sending your work based on the regulations of the organization to which they belong.

For further information and questions regarding SDC, please contact:

APMC 2022 SDC Committee